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Voice artist

Freelance Voice Artist operating from a purpose built home studio in Glasgow.

Voice artist

Cathy is an expressive British female voice talent with over 15 years professional performing experience as a voice over artist and singer, including in television, radio, sessions and in the theatre.


With VO experience in corporate and commercial ads, explainers, e-learning, narration, audio guides and voice of God, Cathy's performance career allows for a wealth of experience both self directed and directed in the studio.


Whether you’re looking for a youthful and upbeat or smooth and sultry sound, Cathy delivers with professionalism, warmth and reassurance.

Gold Headphones



-Age range: 20s – late 40s

-South East England / Greater London

-Warm, clear tone, mid-range pitch

-Playing range: child voices – late 40s

-Self directed and live direction

-Quick sight reader and turnaround


-Corporate              -Commercial

-Explainers              -Continuity

-E-Learning             -Audio Guides

-VOG                       -IVR

Leather Headphones
Music Recording
Vocal Recording


CPB Voiceover Reel

Find me on Pacific Audio

Please download my voiceover CV for full credits


-Rode NT1

-Focusrite Clarett 4 Interface

-Reaper / Logic Pro

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